ak 470 (RL / RS / RK)

The ak 470 range of chairs are
very useful, high quality patient examination chairs, suitable for various medical specialties. The seat cushion is either round or rectangular, featuring a small or tall back rest. The very durable upholstery fabrics are easy to clean and resistant to all commonly used disinfectants. For colors, please refer to the current color chart. The electric height adjustment is available for 230 V or 110 V

Features and Functions

Back rests and seat cushions

The chairs are offered with various back rests and seat cushions

ak  470 RL, this chair features a tall back rest

ak 470 RK, this chair features a short back rest

ak 470 RL, this chair features a round seat cushion


Height Adjustment

The chair offers a 200 mm electric up – down movement, controlled by either the integrated or an external foot switch. The external foot switch is connected directly to the chair however, it is also possible to control the up – down movement by switches located in the examination unit.


For certain examinations the chair top rotates left or right. A ball locking mechanism secures the top at 90° positions.


Foot Switches

Various foot switches are available featuring 2 or 3 functions.
– up – down
-auto down