Surgical table SC 5010 SEK

Features and Funktions

Electric Adjustments

Three electric actuators and several manually adjustable segments provide unlimited patient positioning possibilities for almost any surgical procedure. A handheld control panel with memory buttons and optional foot switches drive the battery-operated table quickly into any desired configuration. Surgeons appreciate the unrestricted accessibility to the surgical area und ergonomic benefits of the surgical table.

The 6 memory buttons allow to save, and swiftly move the chair to individual positions. That assists to accelerate the surgical procedures and preparation processes.

A handheld control panel with 6 memory buttons is included in the standard configuration, foot switches or foot joysticks are available as an option.

Removeable shoulder segments

Large removeable shoulder segments provide excellent access to the shoulder area from any angle.

Patients may be positioned in a supine or Fowlers position, qualifying the device as an ideal surgical table for any shoulder procedure.


Split leg supports

The split leg supports are individually adjustable. They manually latch into several angles and pivot sideways. They are radiolucent and perfectly suitable for C bow use. For procedures between the lower limbs or ankles they can be rotated all the way to the side or removed altogether.


Trendelenburg (shock) position

In case of an emergency the Trendelenburg (shock) position is instantly available.

Mobile and line power independent.

The surgical table wheels on 4 heavy duty dual castors and is easily maneuverable. The surgical table is designed for the transport of patients which means, you are able to perform patient
– pre op
on one surgical table without the need to transfer the patient to another device.

The foot operated brake system features 3 settings

  • All wheels locked
  • All wheels pivoting freely
  • One wheel locked for steering control

The SC 5010 SEK surgical table is driven by an integrated battery and totally mobile and line power independent. No disturbing electric cables on the floor.


Head rests

Various heads rests are available for the specific needs in different procedures. All head rests are ergonomically designed and offer firm head support without any further gel or foam cushions.

  • Standard head rest (viso foam) order no 030690
  • Multi articulated head rest (visco foam) order 030648
  • padded board order no 276.030700

Order no. 276.030850

TCHR (Twin cushion head rest)

The TCHR safely secures the upper body of patients during procedures in a seated up or partly reclined position under fully anesthesia.

Many articulates and setting options allow to set up the head rest to perfectly accommodate the head of the patient. With the lateral shift of the head rest the patient can be positioned very close to the edge of the table which assures excellent access to the surgical field.

Order no. 240.030500

Anesthesia screen

A solid stainless-steel bar angled at 90°. Can be attached at any position on the side railings and is stable enough to hold any hand pieces for surgery.

Order no. 275.030500

Anesthesia screen O²

Multi articulated drape support holding an oxygen tube for air supply to the patient.


Electric knee clamp order no 276.032700

 The electric operated knee clamp optimizes workflow and surgeons’ comfort during all knee surgeries. The knee clamp is especially suitable for very complex, especially for ligamenta cruciata posterior procedures.

The mobile foot operated switch driver the knee clamp from horizontal to 35° up.

Mechanical knee clamp order no 276.032500

The mechanical knee clamp is suitable for most knee surgery procedures.


Order no. 276.050000

Goepel leg supports

The goepel leg supports are attached to the side railings. Many articulates and setting options allow to set up the leg supports to perfectly accommodate the legs of the patient. They are suitable for gyn, uro and proctology procedures.


Order no.  276.030850

Multi articulated arm rest

The multi articulated arm rest is riding on a ball joint and 3 dimensional adjustable.

  • Quick mounting to the side railing
  • 3-dimensional adjustable
  • Use left AND right side

Order no.  276.032800

Hand wrist surgery extension table

The attachable Hand surgery extension table is radiolucent and perfectly suitable for C bow use. The table top offers plenty of room to place the surgical instruments. Use left AND right side.

Order no.  276.032400

Belly or back support board

The board firmly and safely supports the patient in a decubitus position.

Order no  240.030501

IV pole

The IV pole is attached to the side railings. Several infusion bags can be hooked up to the 4 hooks at the same time.

The height can be easily changed by a clip mechanism.

Order no.  240.020200

Safety railing

Fold away safety railing secure patient during transport or surgical procedures.


Order no.  288.901000

Visco elastic foam pads

visco elastic pads enhance patients comfort and even avoid pressure points  during extended procedures. The visco padding assures a relaxed and comfortable patient positioning.


Order no.  275.012020

Foot switches

Two foot switches are available to control the chair height and backrest. The switches can be lifted out of the tray and placed on the floor, too.


Order no.  240.020350

Instrument Table ak 104

This very useful instrument table is based on a tilt proof 5 finger base, equipped with castors. To line up the ak 104 instrument table to the surgical table height, a mechanical height adjustment is available.

Order no.  275.020400

Instrument Tray

The instrument tray features many articulates and setting options and can be placed to allow easy access to the surgical instruments by the surgeon and the assistant. Place te tray either over the patient’s body or off to the side of the surgical table.


Order no.  100-925

Spare battery

A fully charged spare battery should be always ready on the charger unit. This avoids any downtimes during heavy duty hours.

It takes about 4 hours to recharge the battery. The recharger unit is equipped with an electronic overload protector.