LOP 613/614

Akrus, for many years, is the leading supplier for patient beds in the market for refractive laser eye surgery.

Thanks to the high precision adjustments and movements on the Z, X and Y axis ther patient bed can be positioned exactly to the “focal point” of any laser.

The integrated safety systems and interlocks assure the essential patient safety during the procedure.

Some of the leading laser manufacturers use the LSC their excimer lasers

Features and Functions

Electric adjustments

The electric Z, X and Y movements come as a standard with the LOP 613/614 bed. The movements are controlled by an analog joystick. The separate joystick can be attached to the left or right side of the bed.


Electric headrest

Electrical settings.

The headrest can be adjusted vertically by 50 mm.


Mechanical adjustment

Mechanically, the headrest can be tilted 15° upwards and 25° downwards. This function is particularly important for rigid femtosecond lasers, as the patient can be freed by this tilt under the laser in the event of a power failure during treatment and without emergency power supply.


For the safe operation of the couch, various interlocks are available, which safely disconnect the couch from the power supply with a relay in certain operating modes. The functionality of the interlocks is coordinated with the customer.



Order number 630.010010


A landing gear can be plugged in for the transport of the couch to the installation site or temporary relocation.

The chassis is not approved for the transport of persons.