Surgeon chair ak 480

The electrically height adjustable surgeon chair has been designed for procedures in ophthalmology, neuro and skull surgery. Due to the many, versatile adjustments this chair offers comfortable, fatigue free seating and maximum support for the surgeon during the procedure.

The pivoting brackets of the arm rests enhance the ease of getting in and out of the chair. Please find more ergonomic and functional features further down on this page.

Electric height adjustment

The height adjustment on this battery driven, line power independent chair is controlled by two foot switches.

The chair rolls effortlessly on 5 heavy duty dual castors. A foot operated brake securely locks the chair at the desired position on the floor.

Back rest

The back rest is vertically adjustable.

The back rest can be locked at any desired angle within the movement limitations. If the locking mechanism is unlocked, the spring loaded back rest will follow the movements of the upper body and apply a soft, comfortable pressure to the lumbar spine.

Seat tilt

If unlocked, the seat will tilt down ap to 12° at the front edge. This will ease the pressure on the thighs during extended procedures and avoids any numbness on the thighs. The seat cushion can be locked at any desired angle within the movement limitations.




Various arm rests

Both, standard and multi articulated arm rests are available for the ak 480 surgeon chair.

The brackets holding the arm rests pivot by 140°

Order no. 280.032100

Multi articulated arm rests

The multi articulated arm rest is riding on a ball joint and can be freely tilted in all planes of space. It also slides forward and backwards and pivots horizontally.

Order no. 280.032200

Standard arm rests

The standard arm rests pivot horizontally and are height adjustable.

Order no. 280.032300

Extended shaft arm rest

Both, the standard and multi articulated armrest can be offered on extended shafts. This is very convenient for procedures in skull surgery, ENT endoscopy and other procedures requiring the upper arms to be held at shoulder level.

Order no. 279.020010

Horizontal seat shift

The optional available horizontal seat shift is convenient if surgeons of different size work on the same chair. Also, if during the procedure, several changes of position are required under sterile conditions.



Order no.

Tray for foot switches

The detachable stainless-steel plate serves as a tray for foot controls for peripheral equipment like microscopes, phaco, HF surgery and others.

Order no.  100 – 925

Spare battery

A fully charged spare battery should be always ready on the charger unit. This avoids any downtimes during heavy duty hours.

It takes about 4 hours to recharge the battery. The recharger unit is equipped with an electronic overload protector.