ACE™ Advanced Corneal Explorer* utilizes the power of high-resolution swept-source OCT imaging technology to provide the key anterior segment measurements.

Cataract App:
Axial length
Lens thickness
Aqueous depth
Central corneal thickness
Crystalline lens Anterior axial curvature
Total corneal power
Total corneal wavefront
Spheric and toric IOL calculator
Several IOL power calculation formulas
IOL database import

Metrics App:
Anterior chamber angle assessment
360º graphs of several chamber angle parameter
Anterior chamber volume
Lens vault
Lens thickness
Free hand measurements

Imaging App:
Anterior chamber and angle imaging
Corneal and scleral imaging
Visualization of the lens and both surfaces
Customizable scan patterns
Peripheral imaging

Cornea App:
Corneal topography
Corneal tomography
Total corneal astigmatism
Total corneal power


ACE™ optimizes the quality of the preoperative data, providing more information to help you to improve the safety of your refractive surgery procedures.1 It provides a comprehensive solution to determine a patient’s individual corneal geometry.

The combination of OCT images and corneal measurements enhances your confidence in the diagnostic accuracy and follow-up of corneal pathologies.

ACE™ also provides valuable support to the choice of the appropriate technique and the planning of refractive surgery.

Streamline data transfer between ACE™ and TECHNOLAS® TENEOTM 317 Model 2 provides data supporting PROSCAN treatments with static cyclotorsion compensation based on the iris data.

Data from corneal analysis combined with OCT Biometry data allows for IOL power calculation using different formula. View the camera image and OCT image to confirm your measurements.

Indications & approvals may vary by country. Please contact your local representative for further information.


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