Meet MicroREC

A revolutionary device that attaches your smartphone to your microscope or slit lamp in a few clicks, doesn’t occupy oculars and allows for instant recording of ophthalmic, dental, ENT, optometric, neurologic, and other types of microsurgeries. It automates your medical imagery recording and replaces bulk self-made systems or expensive technologies, inaccessible for many practitioners. You can use MicroREC on your own or share it with doctors

High-quality imaging

MicroREC can facilitate video recordings up to 8K (for smartphones with that capability) thanks to innovative engineering and high-quality German optics that correct chromatic and spherical aberration.

Durable and safe materials

Our phone to microscope adapter is 3D-printed and made of PA12 – robust polyamide material, chemically resistant, easy to clean, and safe to use in a medical environment.

Dedicated app

It comes with free access to the dedicated MicroREC App, a unique mobile application for taking images and videos of microscopy procedures with smartphones.

Easy to carry

The MicroREC optical system is lightweight, easy to install, and comes in a small compact case. You can install MicroREC in any operating room or carry it with you.

Custom beam splitters

If your slit lamp or microscope doesn’t already have a beam splitter, a specific adaptor that allows capturing a beam of light and directing it to a smartphone camera, you can grab one from us. If you are not sure about having a beamsplitter, send us an email and our team will help you.

We enable digital education, telemedicine, and better patient care

Medicine should be accessible, which also means doctors should be able to get affordable equipment. Those who have already tried recording their microscopy/slit lamp imagery know that current microscopy imagery solutions are either too expensive or bulk and complicated. We created MicroREC as the best solution for the needs of surgeons and with a vision to promote telemedicine and online medical education.


Better patient care

The photos and videos from your patients are always at your fingertips. MicroREC works as a phone to microscope adapter that captures medical imagery and allows you to monitor and track the progress of your patients, correct your own mistakes, or exchange experience with your colleagues. And the dedicated MicroREC app helps capture and store imagery in a more convenient way.

Check recordings



Telemedicine and telehealth

There is no need to travel overseas to assist in important surgery. Ike Ahmed can sit in his chair in Canada and mentor Ticiana de Francesca in Brazil while she’s performing surgery. MicroREC enables telemedicine and remote medical care through live streamings of surgeries and examinations. This also enables people from rural areas to get access to help from the best surgeons.

Record videos with a smartphone

Digital education

Even though in medical education students often have to be present during surgeries or examinations, pandemic forced education to move online. Ivo from Oftalmo University created a concept of blended education where students can go to their campus but also join live webinars online. Thanks to MicroREC, during those webinars, they can watch live surgeries from top professionals. This a revolutionary shift in medical education.



Are you active on social media? Do you often participate in webinars or conferences? Do you like sharing knowledge with other professionals? Or maybe you have a Youtube channel where you post about eyecare, like one of our customers? The MicroREC phone to microscope adapter can make all of these tasks much easier for you, with seamless live recordings that don’t occupy oculars.

What’s inside the box

A MicroREC kit consists of an eyepiece, universal tube, adapter or beam splitter (depending on your setup), universal smartphone sticker and universal smartphone holder. A user manual and referral card are also included.

Before ordering MicroREC, please make sure if your microscope / slit lamp has a beam splitter. If you don’t know if you have one, check out this page or send photos of your equipment to commercial@customsurgical.co



  • Leica: M500, M501, M561, M841, M690, M220, M620, M822, M844, Proveo 8
  • Zeiss: Lumera 300, Lumera i, Lumera T, Lumera 700, Artevo 800, OPMI pico
  • ALCON: LuxOR
  • Takagi: OM-6, OM-9, OM-19
  • Zumax: OMS3200, OMS2360, OMS2380, OMS2350
  • Möller-Wedel / Haag-Streit Surgical: Allegra 90, Allegra 900, HI-R NEO 900

Slit lamps

  • Haag-Streit Surgical: BQ 900, BI 900
  • Kanghuaa: SLM-2ER-E, SLM-3ER-E, SLM-3X, SLM-4X, SLM-4ER, SLM-3ER, SLM-2X, SLM-2ER-L, SLM-2ER
  • Topcon: SL-D701, SL-D4, SL-D2, SL-D301, SL-2G, SL-D7, SL-2ED, SL-7E, SL-8Z
  • Zeiss: 100/16, 20SL, 30SL
  • NIDEK: SL1800
  • CSO: SL9900, SL9800
  • IBEX: 5-Step
  • MARCO: Ultra G2, Ultra G4, Ultra G5, Ultra G5-Zoom, Ultra M2, Ultra M4, Ultra M5, Ultra B2
  • WOODLYN: HR3, HR5, SL9803x
  • ELAN: 3, 5
  • BURTON: 2000, SL-3MH, SL-3MZ, SL-860
  • S4OPTIK: SL-H3, SL-H5, SL-HZ, SL-Z3, SL-Z5, SL-ZZ, H5 Elite, MW-50


User Manual ENGLISH

User Manual ESPAÑOL