ARveo 8

Digital Visualization Microscope for Neurosurgery ARveo 8

ARveo 8 unites information from AR fluorescence, IGS systems, and endoscopic image feeds providing an enhanced visualization for more informed and precise neurosurgery.

With ultra-fast processing and an intuitive graphical user interface the ARveo 8 digital visualization microscope helps to enhance efficiency across the entire team.

Leica Microsystems’ EnhancePath concept for future upgradeability and system compatibility of the ARveo 8 provides a seamless way to evolve into the digital future of neurosurgery, smoothly and confidently.

Enhanced visualization for greater precision

  • ARveo 8 enhances visualization by adding layers of information to the microscope image so that neurosurgeons can obtain more information while operating on a patient.
  • ARveo 8 combines world-renowned optics with the ability to combine pre- and intraoperative imaging and augmented reality fluorescence, so that neurosurgeons can make precise, confident decisions.
  • Ultra-fast processing in the ARveo 8 reduces latency by 44%* and delivers information to the surgeon faster—further amplifying precision.
  • ARveo 8 enables surgeons to truly work “in the now” with greater confidence for better patient outcomes.

*Compared to the previous generation ARveo surgical microscope

ARveo 8 with optional 55-inch 4K 3D cart-mounted monitor, microscope-mounted 31-inch 4K 3D monitor, and 2-in-1 image display system for the graphical user interface as well as for an additional microscope image display on the microscope tower.

Augmented vascular surgery

The GLOW augmented reality (AR) ecosystem is an integral part of the ARveo 8 digital visualization capabilities.

A sophisticated imaging sensor and algorithms capture, optimize, and combine multiple spectral bands of visible and fluorescent light.

The result is a fully synchronized, real-time, augmented view of the surgical field.

GLOW800 augmented reality (AR) fluorescence and ICG enable you to observe cerebral anatomy in natural color, augmented by real-time vascular flow, with full depth perception.

Anatomy and blood flow in one image

When combined with ICG, GLOW800 augmented reality (AR) fluorescence allows you to observe cerebral anatomy and blood flow in white light.

Forget yesterday’s need to recall and reconcile black and white NIR blood flow video with the natural anatomical view—enjoy one single view of anatomy and blood flow.

  • Stay orientated thanks to full depth perception without dark peripheries through image homogenization
  • Work confidently in GLOW800 mode for removal of AVMs, clipping of aneurysms, performance of a bypass or a microvascular decompression

The augmented image is displayed in the oculars via CaptiView image injection and on the monitors in the OR.

Enhanced visualization with GLOW800

Suddenly we had the blood vessels lighting up, but we would still see the brain structure around them. That was an aha effect: we suddenly could see more. We really got closer to what we think is augmented reality.

Professor Raphael Guzman MD, Professor of Neurosurgery, Vice Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital and University Children’s Hospital, Basel, Switzerland, about his experiences when he first used GLOW800.

FL400 oncological fluorescence

The fluorescence module FL400 is used during open neurosurgery in conjunction with the active substance 5 aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA). It supports resection by allowing differentiation of tumor tissue from healthy brain tissue.

FusionOptics Technology: 1. Two separate beam paths 2. One beam path provides high resolution 3. The other beam path provides depth of field 4. The brain merges the two images into a single optimal spatial image

Cleverly enhanced optical visualization

The ARveo 8 optics have groundbreaking innovation at its heart: FusionOptics.

Uniting an enhanced depth of field with high resolution, FusionOptics technology delivers enhanced visualization.

When combined with 400 W xenon light and Small Angle Illumination, the result is a deep, bright view, in full focus through the oculars.

FusionOptics Technology

  1. Two separate beam paths
  2. One beam path provides high resolution
  3. The other beam path provides depth of field
  4. The brain merges the two images into a single optimal spatial image

Enhanced efficiency across the entire team

ARveo 8 supports a more collaborative workflow for the entire surgical team. It enables greater surgical efficiency*

  • through outstanding stability
  • a clear and simple GUI for faster setup tailored to each surgeon and surgery
  • quick adjustments, at any given time
  • full-team 3D visualization and collaboration

* Compared to the previous generation ARveo surgical microscope

ARveo 8 supports a collaborative workflow.

Full concentration

If you prefer not to take your eyes off your patient to look at a screen during surgery, you can use the oculars.

With CaptiView image injection, you see all the imaging information you need directly in the eyepieces. CaptiView displays:

  • images from different sources, e.g., preoperative CT or MRI scans
  • additional image feeds, e.g., from endoscopes
  • GLOW800 AR fluorescence
  • Data from IGS systems from a range of leading manufacturers

The 1080p full HD display with LED backlight delivers high-resolution, high-contrast images so good there is no need to break concentration to look at a screen.

The image you see is displayed to the OR team on the monitors in 3D.

One 3D view for the entire team

If you prefer to work “heads-up”, you do not need to look through the eyepieces.

You can work with full depth perception and high resolution, visualizing minute anatomical details with natural color differentiation on a much larger scale, either:

  • on the 31-inch microscope screen or
  • on the 55-inch 4K cart-mounted 3D monitor
  • Visual OR workflow support
  • The shared 3D view enables your OR team to be ready for the next step, even in complex surgeries.
  • 3D visualization takes teaching to the next level, with everyone able to follow surgeries magnified on a large 4K 3D monitor

As ARveo 8 is a hybrid system, you have the option of going back to the ocular view at any time.

ARveo 8 Neurosurgery microscope – No need to look through the eyepieces

ARveo 8 Graphical User Interface

Single graphical user interface for microscope operation and image aquisition

The ARveo 8 GUI is designed to be self-explanatory for all members of the OR team. It guides you through setup of the microscope, allows for intraoperative adjustments on the fly, enables image acquisition and transfer. And finally, it serves as an additional monitor to show the microscope image.

Easy operation

  • Select and define different user roles and rights
  • Password protect default configurations and individual user settings, e.g., GLOW800 visualization
  • Increase cybersecurity with secure patient and user data

Easy imaging

  • Record video and images in 2D or 3D quality utilizing a high-compression 2 TB storage space
  • Quickly store images and export via USB and Ethernet to your hospital network
  • Optimized data processing and connectivity for PACS and DICOM

Unlock the door to the digital future

Imaging technologies evolve and move medicine forward, sometimes one step at a time, sometimes in leaps.

ARveo 8 helps you along this path of technological evolution by:

  • allowing you to add new technology and AR applications in the future that will deliver meaningful patient impacts
  • providing a smooth path into the future of digital neurosurgery

We call this concept EnhancePath, our promise that the ARveo 8 digital visualization microscope will evolve with you into the digital future.

Easy integration of IGS systems | Technical compatibility with KARL STORZ® video systems

Add layers of information

The ability to combine preoperative images with intraoperative imaging can allow you to take more decisive action during procedures. With the ARveo 8 digital visualization microscope you can enhance your view of the surgical site with images from IGS systems and endoscopes via eyepieces or 4K 3D screens.

Easy integration of IGS systems

Support your intraoperative assessment  with data from IGS systems by leading manufacturers.

  • Update image realignment during surgery using the microscope image
  • View information more ergonomically with picture-in-picture navigation options

Technical compatibility with KARL STORZ® video systems

Switch seamlessly with just a touch of the microscope handle from the microscope image to an endoscopic image feed and back—your workflow will not be interrupted.

Navigation-controlled robotics

The ARveo 8 digital visualization microscope for neurosurgery enables robotic alignment of the microscope’s optics carrier via the Brainlab IGS system.

  • Keep your image in focus during the entire neurosurgery, thanks to the tip focus function of the latest Cranial Navigation Software of BrainLab.
  • Rest assured that you always have a centered view despite microscope movement thanks to “follow tip” or “move to pin” functions.



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