Envisu C-Class

Quickly capture and observe brilliant, high-resolution, and high-density optical coherence tomography (OCT) images where you need it. The gentle, non-contact Envisu C2300 system is suitable for even premature infants. Envisu, is a hand-held OCT solution with an intended use to aid in the diagnosis of physiological and pathologic conditions of the eye.

  • Take OCT to your patient: The handheld OCT scan head and mobile cart provides flexibility to image from the ICU, operating room, and clinic.
  • Focus with confidence: The Envisu C2300 can be mounted on a surgical microscope for steady, high-quality live imaging.
  • Get brilliant detail when you need it: High-resolution, real-time images can be seen with detail down to 3 μm.
  • Explore with full volume: Featuring full 3D volumetric data capturing capability with fully customizable high density data scans up to 1000 x 1000.

Just One Image

Minimize the challenges of comprehensive eye examinations with moving or nervous patients including infants and children with quick and sensitive real-time OCT imaging.
Capture the right data and acquire real-time, high-definition images the first time, every time. The Envisu C2300 OCT system provides both high-resolution and depth for examination of the detailed retina and cornea structures.

  • Capture high resolution images and see details down to 3 μm
  • Perform quick examinations with rapid 1-3 second acquisitions at 32,000 scans per second, ideally suited for sensitive pediatric patient movements
  • Experience high resolution and deep penetration into the tissue with an 870 nm imaging wavelength
  • Perform Doppler visualization of blood flow

Front–to-Back and Side-to-Side

Get high-resolution and deep tissue imaging with a wide field of view using the Envisu C2300. Handheld, contact-free imaging offers you the full performance. The Envisu C2300 OCT system provides enhanced field of view, high quality optical imaging and allows you to see:

  • From the cornea to the choroid
  • From the pole to the periphery
  • Retina lenses with 70 degree field of view and three distinct anterior imaging lenses make that possible

Interchangeable Lenses

Each patient is unique and each eye is different. The Envisu C2300 OCT system is available with a wide range of lenses for all of your individual cases.

Choose from various lenses for posterior and anterior imaging. No matter the shape of the eye or the age of your patient, we can help you choose the right lens for your imaging.

  • The General Retina lens features a 70 degree field of view and 13 mm working distance
  • The Deep Focus Telecentric lens delivers 14 mm field of view, 20 mm working distance, and 12 μm lateral resolution
  • The High-resolution Anterior Lenses delivers 8 μm lateral resolution
  • The Wide Field of View Anterior Lenses delivers 20 mm field of view

Quickly switch between retina and cornea lenses.

Manage Your Scan Protocols, Manage Your Data

Acquiring high-quality data and brilliant images is essential for providing an aid in diagnosis. This means you need to easily and reliably manage data with strict imaging protocols. Our InVivoVue 2.4 OCT Management Software provides you with an outstanding user interface experience:

  • Verify examination with large B-scan image and en face OCT fundus image visualization
  • Speed up your workflow through intuitive scan management and data handling
  • Manage your user-defined scan protocols hands-free with simple foot pedal click-through



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