Leica ToricEyePiece

The Leica ToricEyePiece is an ocular with a rotatable angle scale helping the surgeon to position and align toric intraocular lenses (IOL) efficiently, ensuring optimal correction of astigmatism.

Using this cost-effective Leica solution makes IOL implantation faster, easier and less stressful for the surgeon as well as the patient.

Efficient surgery

Typically two ink markings are necessary to implant a toric IOL: one ink marking before surgery to mark the zero axis and another during surgery to find the target axis for implantation. With the toric eyepiece, the second marking may not be necessary, saving the surgeon time.

Easy to use

Simply rotate manually the graticule using the sterile handle and identify the desired target position for the toric IOL with the help of the cross hair and angular scale.