CASIA2 will definitely inspire you! It is incredibly fast and easy as 1-2-3. It impresses with intuitive and primarily automated handling that’s supported by an unbelievable measurement speed. Our software guides you from measuring through analysis to the final report. Get inspired now and see the eye from a different perspective.


Excellent features

  • Testing application for cataract/glaucoma/cornea surgery
  • Glaucoma angle analysis (360°)
  • Advanced imaging at high resolution and deep scanning depth(13 mm)
  • Very fast scanning speed (50,000 A-scans/sec)
  • Corneal topography and IOL choice and calculation
  • Lens shape analysis and trend analysis
  • Phakic IOL simulation



Our special Pre-op Cataract application guides you towards the best preparation for your cataract surgery. The IOL screening prepares all essential and necessary data for your perfect IOL choice.

The unique Lens Analysis application provides you with all relevant lens parameters, including front and back radial curvature and the lens tilt and decentration. With this tool a precise prediction of your surgery result is guaranteed.

The Post-op application clearly visualises and documents the quality of your cataract surgery with all needed information for your perfect check-up.



With our STAR 360° application the CASIA2 automatically measures the anterior chamber angles all around the anterior segment due to its automatic scleral spur detection and provides you with all detailed parameters for a perfect glaucoma diagnosis.

It does not only measure but also display the result in a very detailed and unrivalled chart. The charts can be chosen upon your needs out of all measured values.

All regions of your interest, no matter how small and in which peripheral area can be scanned also with a raster scan method, which leads to a fantastic scanning density with a high resolution.



A topographic image is taken in only 0.3 seconds, which guarantees no artefacts at all. The cornea can be displayed in different map types in a wide range of individual settings, either in 10 mm or 16 mm diameter. Scleral lens fitting is no problem anymore.

Our unique Trend Analysis application visualises the chronological progress of the post treatment regression of the eye, which allows you a perfect follow-up. Different parameters can be chosen for this chart.

Precision meets innovation

The amazing technology behind CASIA2 makes it so comfortable to work with and you definitely get out the best diagnostic results.


CASIA2 brochure (PDF)