EP-1000 Multifocal

EP-1000 is an ophthalmologic diagnostic unit for a complete examination of the retina’s function, the visual pathway, and the optic nerve. A variety of diagnostic procedures can be performed, including ERG, VEP, MERG, MVEP, and EOG. This unit can only be operated by physicians and medically trained technical assistants. EP-1000 complies with the ISCEV’s standards (International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision).

Excellent features

  • Complies with ISCEV recommendations
  • High-intensity LED colour flash and background illumination
  • VEP, ERG, PERG, EOG, Sweep VEP, multi-channel VEP, S-Coneanalysis, PERG ratio, VEP children, VEP uncooperative patient
  • Program editor for individual examinations, upgradable to sixchannels
  • Multifocal (mf) ERG and VEP, short M-sequences
  • Mf analysis functions: traces, all values, 2D, 3D, peripheryand centre ring analysis, segment/groups, tables


 EP-1000 Multifocal brochure (PDF)