TECHNOLAS® TENEO™ 317 Excimer Laser

Unique design, exceptional features

The TECHNOLAS TENEO 317 strikes a perfect balance between state of the art technology, ergonomic design and intuitive use. The TENEO 317 is remarkably easy to use. The intuitive icon-driven menu and touch screen technology allows you to work more effectively. For instance, it takes just 4 steps to start a procedure.

Select Patient > Choose Treatment > Confirm Treatment > Treat

All the treatments are now performed without treatment cards.

Treatment Options

  • ZYOPTIX HD– a wavefront-based personalized aspheric procedure that takes into account the exact ocular aberrations of each individual eye. It provides an advanced treatment of pre-existing higher-order aberrations, minimizing induced spherical aberrations.
  • ZYOPTIX HD ECO Mode* – Provides option to treat myopic eyes with ECO version of treatment profile
  • PROSCAN reduces undesired surgical induced spherical aberration, while preserving the natural aspheric shape of the cornea. This treatment can be optimized according to the patient’s specific K and Q values.
  • PROSCAN ECO Mode* – Provides option to treat myopic eyes with non-aspheric treatment profile
  • SUPRACOR – LASIK treatment for presbyopic patient providing almost spectacle independence from reading glasses, whilst maintaining distance vision and improving intermediate vision for everyday activities.
  • PTK – also available on this system

*Note: ECO Mode reduces tissue ablation in both PROSCAN and ZYOPTIX HD treatment modes

Legal Manufacturer: Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH

Currently NOT available in all countries. Please contact your Authorized Technolas Perfect Vision Representative for further information.

Design Features

  • All parameters of the TENEO 317 have been analysed and designed to reach the optimised balance for speed, safety, usability and reliability.

Smart design

  • The compact design makes the TENEO 317 one of the smallest Excimer lasers in the market.

ACE Eyetracker

A fast, highly sophisticated multi-dimensional eyetracker incorporating a co-axial camera is designed for precision and safety. This eyetracker covers:

  • Active lateral (X/Y) Tracking
  • Active Cyclotorsion tracking using unique iris code
  • Active intraoperative cyclotorsion tracking
  • Passive Z-tracking

Spot Distribution

  • The low energy soft spot is now 1mm and overlaps only once every 16 pulses, therefore minimising the thermal effect. This, combined with the performance of the eyetracker, leads to smooth ablation, safety and predictability.

Live video image

  • High quality video image medium and dim light with multiple options for colour camera adjustments.

Plume Evacuator

  • The eight cones distributed homogenously over 270° provide controlled aspiration. The integrated plume evacuation system clears out the operating field during the entire ablation process making the procedure more pleasant, especially for the patient.

Designed With You and Your Patients in Mind

  •  The smart 45° layout provides unrivalled space, visibility and comfort.
  • The 3 axis and 360° swiveling customized microscope offers more positions for adjustment than any other in the refractive market.
  •  A working distance of 240mm provides an ideal space for the surgeon to manoeuvre.
  • The generous area under the laser arm allows patients enough room to feel more relaxed and confident, thus making surgery a smoother process.
  • The ergonomic bed helps your patients feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure, adding to their sense of wellbeing.