Adaptive Fluidics™ integrates automated aspiration control with Dynamic Infusion Compensation to create the new for stabilizing intraocular pressure, creating a responsive and controlled surgical environment.


Dynamic Infusion Compensation technology compensates for changes in fluid flow, to improve control and to maintain a stable chamber. After the surgeon sets a preferred infusion pressure, it works systematically by:

  • Monitoring: Adaptive Fluidics™ continuously tracks vacuum flow rate
  • Compensating: The system automatically adjusts infusion pressure, to maintain anterior chamber stability


Attune® energy management works synergistically with the chamber stability and vacuum efficiency of Adaptive Fluidics™ to deliver low power, emulsification with a six crystal 28.5 kHz handpiece frequency.

  • Design balances mechanical cutting with acoustic cavitation
  • Full 150 micron stroke length, longitudinal cutting action


Wireless dual linear foot pedal

Rapid response and control in changing conditions.

  • Enables management of both pitch and yaw planes
  • Integrated movements provide simultaneous control of irrigation, ultrasound, and aspiration
  • Irrigation on-off is now available on the yaw planes

3 minute set-up

Single touch automated Prime and Tune for an easy and quick setup.

Want to make more of your valuable time and resources? Stellaris Elite™ can help. 

Stellaris Elite™ is designed for both Cataract and Vitreoretinal surgical practice.

OR-Optimized for you and your staff

  • Small OR footprint
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Easy to set-up, priming and tuning of tubing and handpieces
  • Preassembled, ready-to-use cassette/tubing with a new configuration
  • Designed to decrease turnaround time
  • Wide range of accessories, handpieces and Storz and Synergetics® Ophthalmic Instruments
  • Stellaris Elite™ is expandable to perform vitreoretinal procedures too