Only Stellaris® gives you vacuum based StableChamber® fluidics with the option of DigiFlow® pressurized infusion settings.

Stellaris – Designed to Expand Your Control

Stellaris is the next generation of phaco surgical systems that is designed to accommodate your surgical technique. Whether you are performing standard or micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS) procedures, Stellaris provides you with the performance you need when you need it. Vacuum provides chamber stability and there is no other machine that delivers quite like Stellaris. Chamber stability is further enhanced with Digiflow pressurized infusion to take cataract surgery to the next level. Expanding your control – it’s what Stellaris is all about.

StableChamber® Fluidics is designed to optimize chamber stability with these 4 components:

  • Advanced hardware designed to improve your control
  • Customizable software settings increases performance
  • Responsive fluidics and Digiflow™ Pressurized Infusion shown to improve Chamber stability in 76% of procedures1
  • VFM StableChamber® Tubing designed to control and stabilize flow in MICS High Vacuum procedures

Digiflow® pressurized infusion

  • 76% of surgeons found improved chamber stability with Digiflow
  • Better control of infusion flow – minimising IOP fluctuations
  • Easy learning curve and use

Precise fluidic control with StableChamber tubing

  • Patented StableChamber® tubing adds a new level of flow control allowing safe use of higher vacuum settings.

Achieve better results without changing your approach:

  • Phaco efficiency is increased with the 28.5 kHz Stellaris handpiece2
  • Energy into the eye is minimized because it balances mechanical cutting and acoustic cavitation to efficiently emulsify and remove the nucleus

Innovative foot pedal design for unparalleled system Control

  • Wireless
  • Dual Linear technology combined with precise control of fluidics and ultrasound expands your options and improves followability

Stellaris Cataract Updates

  • DigiFlow™ Infusion Control
  • Common Surgeon Files transportable from Stellaris® to Stellaris® PC
  • Enhanced On-Screen User Controls and drop-down menus
  • Enhanced Messaging features for clarity and ease of use
  1. 1. Data on file
  2. 2. Schafer ME. Analysis of the cutting forces using different phacoemulsification modalities. Presented at: American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA; April 2009.